Long Lake Sporting Club
Our History

The Long Lake Sporting Club has a long history stretching back to the early 1920's.  In 1922 Maxine Albert and George Gagnon built the Long Lake Sporting Club.  Emile Albert bought the business some time later but it ended up closing during the depression in 1929.  In 1933, Pete Violette and Alphie Levesque re-opened the club with electricity and a liquor license.

The facility burned in 1938 and was rebuilt by Joe Frank, known as "Black Joe".  That is when the name officially became  the Long Lake Sporting Club. 

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Our History Continued...

In the early days the club could only acquire a liquor license by way of carrying a hotel status, which at that time meant 10 or more hotel rooms.  The club added some eleven rooms and brought big bands from Boston to the area through the thirties and early forties.  The club burned to the ground again in 1943.  Black Joe rebuilt the club again.  Joe established a fine tradition of great food.

Mark Peterson was stationed at Loring Air Force Base in the 1950's.  He married Pierrette Ringuette, a St. John Valley native, and moved to Minnesota, Mark's hometown.  Mark worked as a carpenter while Pierrette worked in a health spa. The couple resided in Minnesota for 14 years but spent many vacations at the family camp on Long Lake.  They purchased the Sporting Club and moved back permanently to Sinclair in 1971.  Pierrette and Mark Peterson carried on the tradition of great food.

The Petersons started off by occupying the upstairs hotel rooms while

renting the first floor rooms.  This allowed them to maintain 10 rooms, the number required to not jeopardize their liquor license.  About 5 years after purchasing the Sporting Club they removed all of the first floor hotel rooms which is now where the lounge and bar area are today.  The removal of these rooms allowed them to change their status from Hotel to Restaurant.  By converting their status to a Restaurant they were allowed to maintain their liquor license.

Like many other successful businesses in Aroostook County, family has played a big part in the Long Lake Sporting Club.  The Peterson's son Mike, and daughter Debbie were employed full-time at the business for many years.

In 1991, after running the business successfully for twenty years, Mark and Pierrette decided to sell their business to their daughter Debbie and son-in-law Ken.  As the second generation, Ken and Debbie Martin took over the business and continued on with the fine tradition of great food.  Innovating and renovating, Ken and Debbie have worked hard to keep up with the times, but also maintain the restaurant's well known traditions.

Now a third generation family member, Neal Martin and his wife Denise, are also very involved with the restaurant.  Serving as the restaurant's head chef, Neal is well known for pleasing his customers with his excellent cooking.